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After losing to Liverpool 0-2 in the league last weekend, Chelsea ushered in the Champions League team Barnsley in the Midweek League Cup, and finally successfully advanced with a 6-0 victory, which made Chelsea fans the most happy Yes, this summer's heaviest signer Haverts completed a hat-trick and sent assists in the game.


   Chelsea signed Haverts from Bayer Leverkusen through persevering negotiations. His total transfer fee reached 72 million pounds, which is enough to prove Chelsea's expectations of him. Due to the long absence of the game and the late meeting time, Havertz played mediocrely in the first two Chelsea games, and doubts immediately rushed to the face. Against Barnsley, Lampard chose to let Havertz continue to start. Hope he continues to look for status.


   Haverts didn't make the wait too long. In the 28th minute, Mount sent a diagonal pass to the penalty area. Abraham in front of the penalty area cleverly missed it. At this time, Havertz, who was ambushing in the penalty area, had already found a good position. He held the ball and formed a single shot. Havertz was extremely calm when the opportunity came. After continuous adjustments, he gently pushed the ball to the far corner and scored his first goal at Chelsea.


After scoring the goal, Havertz's pressure dropped sharply and he played more and more freely on the court. At the beginning of the second half, Chelsea made a mistake in passing before the opponent's penalty area. At this time, Havertz quickly attached the opponent player holding the ball and stopped the ball slightly. Decisively slipped the tackle and stabbed the ball to nearby Barkley. Barkley drove straight into the goal. With his brave defense, Haverts got his first assist at Chelsea.


Then it was Havertz’s time. In the 55th minute, Kovacic made a pass from the left after a steal. Abraham tapped his heel lightly in the penalty area. Havertz followed up and scored a goal to score twice, 10 Minutes later, the Abraham-Haverts connection made another contribution. After receiving the pass from Aspilicueta, Abraham went straight for the first time. Haverts quickly jumped in to get the ball. Facing the attacking goalkeeper, Haverts calmed down. Passed him, and then successfully completed the hat-trick by hitting the empty goal. He hit back with a 4-ball performance.

那是哈维兹的时间。在第55分钟,科瓦维奇抢断后从左侧传球。亚伯拉罕在罚球区轻拍了他的脚后跟。 Havertz跟进并打进一球,得分两次,十分钟后,亚伯拉罕-Haverts队做出了另一贡献。亚伯拉罕在收到Aspilicueta的传球后,第一次直奔。 Haverts迅速跳进去拿到球。面对进攻的门将,哈弗特斯平静下来。通过他,然后通过击中空球成功完成了帽子戏法。他以4球表现回击。

   After scoring the third goal, Lampard also immediately replaced Haverts, preparing for the weekend of the Premier League. After the end, Lampard embraced and congratulated Haverts for the first time, and was quite satisfied with his performance. In the best vote of the audience launched after the Chelsea official game, Haverts got more than 80% of the votes, and the MVP was well received. After the game, he also collected the game balls, which was the first hat trick of his first team career.


In the whole game, in addition to 3 goals, Havertz completed 2 key passes, 4 passes, 15 confrontations and 9 successes, and he can see Haverts running in a wide range in many cases. He is working hard. Adapt to the English arena. Lampard praised Haverts after the game: "I am very happy with him. This is what I want him to do. He has no pre-season preparations. This is the first of his many great nights."


   Considering the opponent's strength, Haverts's performance in this field may not be convincing, but it can make Chelsea fans place greater expectations on him. Chelsea must also expect him to bring this state to the Premier League and more importantly.


   (Fight God)


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