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On October 2nd, the National Swimming Championship and Tokyo Olympics qualifying competition entered the final competition day. The high-profile men's and women's 4X100m medley relay competition was the "final drama" of this event. Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junxuan won the championship without any suspense, with a score of 3:39.40. In the preliminaries last night, they swam out a score of 3:38.41, setting a new world record. This result raised the world record originally held by the US team by 0.15 seconds. This is the best gift for the athletes who are preparing for the Olympic Games to give to the motherland on the occasion of the National Day.


The combination of Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junxuan is the strongest combination of the current national team, and they represent the top level of each project. After the preliminaries, Xu Jiayu said that their expectation was to break the world record, but the goal should be kept in mind. Only when everyone sees the result will count. Relay events are a manifestation of comprehensive strength. Compared with personal breakthroughs, the gold medals and world records of relay events are more valuable. This also made Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junxuan very emotional and excited. After the preliminaries, they thanked each other and said that they were "holding the thigh."


In the preliminaries, Xu Jiayu's first 100-meter backstroke segment score was 52.45, which was better than his individual final results. After the game, Xu Jiayu shed tears with excitement. He said with emotion: "Today is the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a great honor for the four of us to offer gifts for the National Day. The teammates are very good, and we broke the world record through cooperation. This is also me. The first world record in Nagachi is the result of everyone's hard work. The strength of the team is infinite."


"Asian Frog King" Yan Zibei was also excited: "It is the strength given to us by the motherland, let us bring this record to China. I was very nervous today, and I was very tight. The 200-meter breaststroke final in the morning is to prepare for the evening ." Earlier, the main item women’s 100 meters have been harvested.


Before the relay race, Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junxuan were already the "double champions" of this tournament. Multi-line combat can continue to exert strength in relay competitions, swimming out the exciting results that broke the world record. Xu Jiayu said: "My physical fitness has not reached the limit. Everyone has such good results. They are all teammates. It is the result of our hard work. "For the boosting effect of physical training, Xu Jiayu said: "The improvement in physical fitness for some time has supported me to perform better in the sprint phase of swimming competitions. Physical fitness testing is like a mirror for athletes, indicators and numbers will Unabashedly exposes shortcomings to help us discover and solve problems. Physical training in different projects helps us to check for deficiencies, make special breakthroughs for weak links, and hone the quality of will. Through the weak complements of physical fitness, my core on both sides The increase in strength is obvious."


Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei, and Yang Junxuan achieved a total score of 180 points in the pre-match physical fitness test, ranking first among the 16 teams in the preliminaries. Through physical training, the upper limbs and core strength of Zhang Yufei, a physical pacemaker, have improved significantly, and these are also reflected in her swimming specialties. She said: "The improvement in core strength helped me to better complete the butterfly butt lift and control the rhythm of the action in the water, to swim more smoothly and to maintain the streamline in the water. These have improved my special training level. I think the attention and investment in physical training is very helpful to the special performance.” Yan Zibei also shared his training experience combining physical training with special training: “Enhanced core stability, strengthened leg strength , The improvement of aerobic capacity allows me to jump out of the starting block in the moment, my body can have better airborne ability, and can adjust my body posture in the air, thereby reducing the resistance to water and the effectiveness of water pressure. When swimming on the way , With the support of stronger leg strength and aerobic capacity, especially in the last 25 meters, technical movements will be able to maintain longer, reduce water resistance, and swim more confidently. If you can fully develop each A physical fitness project can improve sports performance in all directions." Yang Junxuan also clearly felt the changes brought to her by physical training: "I was lacking in physical fitness before, so now physical training is more prominent, and the amount of training is more than before. A lot. I feel that physical training is very useful. I can clearly feel that my body is much stronger than before. The amount of training on land and on the water has increased, and the physical ability has also improved."


The men's and women's 4X100m medley relay competition is a new event for the Tokyo Olympics. With the world record in hand, the Chinese team has the confidence to become the most powerful contender for the gold medal in this project. Looking forward to the future, Xu Jiayu firmly stated that he would show the power of China to the world: "We did it! Next year's Tokyo Olympics relay competition is the highlight. My individual event is very important, but the team competition can better reflect China's power. I hope we can make persistent efforts in the future. We feel very honored to be able to break the world record on the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival! Happy birthday to the motherland!"


Image source: Xinhua News Agency


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