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In the topic area of ​​a website, someone said that Mueller was not a genius when he debuted, so I found out an article saved in 2009, "Germany once a genius in 30 years is born, Bayern's rising star breaks out in Milan". The second baby is really a model of the pinnacle of debut! ! ! The article is as follows- In the battle between Bayern and AC Milan, who is the protagonist? Is it Ronaldinho, Nesta, or Ram, Gomez? The answer is Thomas Muller, a 19-year-old star with the same name as the greatest striker in German history. Please remember this name. In a few years, maybe he will drive the whole of Europe crazy, because countless German experts believe that he is the best rookie in German football in 30 years. Thomas Muller, who was born on September 13, 1989, joined the Bayern youth team as early as 2000. Because of his outstanding performance in the Bayern second team, he was promoted to the first team by Van Gaal. After watching several of his games, the German "Bild" praised: "Thomas is a great genius. 30 years after Gedmüller retired, Bayern finally found a man who is expected to inherit the legendary shooter. The star.” Although Thomas Muller was once considered “Gade second”, in terms of physical conditions, he is more like the “golden bomber” Klinsmann of his heyday: all right and left feet, wide range of motion , A good header, good at grabbing points, but also able to break through, fast, handsome and blonde. Thomas Muller scored his first goal and assisted in his Champions League debut last season against the unfortunate Lisbon Sporting team. In today's friendly match, because Klose caught a cold, Tony and Olic were injured, Mueller got a rare opportunity to play. Although his partner was 30 million Mr. Gomez, and despite the well-known Nesta and Thiago Silva defending him, Mueller turned the game into his own personal show. He not only scored two goals, one assist, but also six threatening passes (the last pass before a teammate's shot). The two goals were very simple, both were crosses near the bottom line of the teammates, and Muller rushed to grab a point and scored the goal. The two goals showed Mueller's keen sense of smell, excellent selection consciousness and strong physical fitness. In the first goal, Mueller embarrassed the Italian champion Zambrotta; in the second goal, Mueller made Oneeu even more helpless. Being able to get to a reasonable place in a reasonable time, Muller's shooter smell is amazing. In addition, in the passing aspect, Mueller's performance is also commendable. In the first half, he ferryed twice with headers to create opportunities for Gomez; in the second half, he created consecutive opportunities for Schweinsteiger and Sosa, and in the 89th minute, Mueller was still in front of goal. Under the premise of almost forming a single-handed approach, the grandfather unselfishly chose to cross to help Senei break the goal. In the technical statistics of the whole battle, Mueller made six threats and had one assist. "Kickers" after the game was titled "Es "müllert" in München, and commented: Perhaps AC Milan would not have thought that they would fall into the hands of a Bayern player under 20 tonight. , Mueller rewarded Van Gaal with this performance, and at the same time launched a strong impact on the main position. Since Olic was injured, Van Gaal had no choice but to activate Mueller. In the past three warm-up games, Mueller contributed 5 goals and 3 assists for the team. His impact is changing his status as the "fifth forward". After the game, Mueller preached: "Tonight is wonderful, and I try my best to do my best. If I can maintain this performance, I believe my dream will be realized soon." What is Mueller's dream? It is to compete for the main force. Originally, people thought that Klose, Tony, Olic, and Gomez were all in front of Muller's shooters. However, Tony's condition was deteriorating. Olic was hurting his physique. Gomez has not yet fully adapted. There is the trust of Van Gaal who likes young talents, the identity of the local youth academy, and the enthusiasm of the fans and the media. He is fully capable of breaking hands with these big stars! Although the Audi Cup is not the main race, the second baby and the Audi Cup are also related. Bayern has won the Audi Cup three times and he won the MVP twice. Once in 2009, once in 2013. Attached are some photos of him winning the MVP in the Audi Cup. To

在网站的主题区域,有人说穆勒出道时不是天才,所以我找到了一篇保存在2009年的文章,``德国30年才才出生,拜仁的后起之秀在米兰爆发”。第二个婴儿真的是首次亮相的典范! ! !文章如下- 在拜仁和AC米兰之间的战斗中,谁是主角?是罗正规葡萄京娱乐场网站纳尔迪尼奥,内斯塔还是拉姆·戈麦斯?答案是托马斯·穆勒(Thomas Muller),他是19岁的明星,名字与德国历史上最伟大的前锋同名。请记住这个名字。几年后,也许他会让整个欧洲疯狂,因为无数德国专家认为他是30年来德国足球中最好的新秀。 托马斯·穆勒(Thomas Muller)出生于1989年9月13日,最早于2000年加入拜仁青年队。由于他在拜仁第二队的出色表现,他被范加尔(Van Gaal)晋升为第一队。看完他的几场比赛之后,德国“ Bild”称赞道:“托马斯是一个伟大的天才。在盖德米勒退休30年后,拜仁终于找到了一个有望继承传奇射手的明星。尽管托马斯·穆勒(Thomas Muller)曾经被认为是“第二杀手”,但从身体条件上来说,他更像是他鼎盛时期的“金轰炸机”克林斯曼:左右脚,动作范围广,头部挺拔,擅长抓点,但又能突破,快速,英俊和金发。 托马斯·穆勒(Thomas Muller)攻入了自己的第一个进球,并在上赛季对阵不幸的里斯本体育队的比赛中首次参加了冠军联赛。在今天的友谊赛中,由于克洛泽感冒,托尼和奥利奇受伤,穆勒获得了难得的比赛机会。尽管他的合伙人是3000万戈麦斯先生,尽管著名的内斯塔和蒂亚戈·席尔瓦为他辩护,但穆勒还是将这场比赛变成了自己的个人表演。他不仅打进了两个进球,一个助攻,而且还获得了六个威胁性传球(队友投篮前的最后一个传球)。 这两个进球非常简单,都在队友底线附近越过十字线,穆勒争先得分并进球。这两个目标显示出穆勒敏锐的嗅觉,出色的选择意识和强壮的身体素质。在第一个进球中,穆勒让意大利冠军赞布罗塔尴尬;在第二个进球中,穆勒使奥涅乌更加无奈。能够在合正规葡萄京娱乐场网站理的时间内到达合理的位置,穆勒的射手气味令人赞叹。 另外,在传球方面,穆勒的表现也值得称赞。上半场,他两次带头球渡过,为戈麦斯创造了机会。在下半场,他为Schweinsteiger和Sosa创造了连续的机会,而在第89分钟,穆勒仍然在进球面前。在几乎单枪匹马的前提下,祖父无私地选择了横渡以帮助Senei打破目标。在整个战斗的技术统计中,穆勒提出了六次威胁,得到了一次助攻。比赛结束后的“踢球手”在慕尼黑被冠以“ Es“müllert”的称号,并评论道:也许AC米兰不会以为今晚20岁以下的比赛会落入拜仁球员手中。并同时对主要职位发起了强烈冲击。 由于奥利奇受伤,范加尔别无选择,只能激活穆勒。在过去的三场热身赛中,正规葡萄京娱乐场网站穆勒为球队贡献了5个进球和3个助攻。他的影响力改变了他的“第五前进”地位。赛后,穆勒讲道:“今晚真是太好了,我会尽我所能。如果我能保持这种表现,我相信我的梦想很快就会实现。” 穆勒的梦想是什么?它是争夺主力军。最初,人们认为Klose,Tony,Olic和Gomez都在Muller的射手面前。但是,托尼的病情正在恶化。奥利奇(Olic)受伤了。戈麦斯尚未完全适应。范加尔(Van Gaal)信任他,他们喜欢年轻的才华,当地青年学院的身份以及粉丝和媒体的热情。他完全有能力与这些大牌明星握手! 尽管奥迪杯不是主要比赛,但第二胎和奥迪杯也有关系。拜仁赢得了三届奥迪杯冠军,并且两次获得了MVP。一次是2009年,一次是2013年。附上他在奥迪杯获得MVP的一些照片。 至

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